A Charming Exterior Before & After

A few simple changes to the architecture can make the biggest difference.

I love the changes they made to this house.

Here’s why:

-Shutters: In the United States they are only seen as decorative- not functional as in Italy where they are used to keep sun away and bring shade. The before shows how the shutters are NOT proportional to the window which just looks plain silly! If you insist on shutters, make sure they are proportional and actually cover the windows. I promise you it will look better!

-Sense of Entry: The fact that they used a bright colored door and widened the steps to enhance it and put a roof over the door adds a greater sense of entry. As a bonus, the owners, visitors, or dogs don’t have to get wet while waiting outside if it’s raining!

-Colors: Rather than the dreariness that came with the previous paint colors, these really stand out and in a good way! (Please note: it also helps to have green grass than brown dried dead grass too!)

-Landscaping: Although it’s modest it helps add to the sense of entry and draws your eye in (rather than the previous sticks from before which your eyes just seem to focus on trying to figure out what they are!)

Hope this is proof that you don’t have to move to get a beautiful home! Just changing a few simple things (done in the correct way) can make a big difference!

Here’s the original blog post about this house.

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