About Ericka

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way- things I had no words for.” -Georgia O’Keefe

Welcome to my website! This is where you will discover elements that I am inspired by and what objects I am currently designing!

Growing up on a farm in southeast Kansas, I discovered design and architecture at a young age. From sewing and remaking clothes to building furniture for 4-H projects to watching my parents renovate an old farm-house amongst many other interests of mine, I developed a deep appreciation for art and design.

In high school, I worked alongside an interior designer at a kitchen and bath design showroom where I would choose to continue that profession. I loved the fact that I could change people’s lives through design by making spaces functional first and then aesthetically pleasing. The education I received at Kansas State University taught me how to design an accessible space for all user types and how to execute my ideas to become a resource for the contractors to use and build from.

When I studied abroad for a semester in Florence, Italy, I grew to recognize the importance of learning how the culture and background of clients impact the end product. I loved admiring the details of the art and architecture that truly made the pieces and designs of the historic past.

I love working on a project from start to finish. I love starting with an idea for a space or seeing how things come together after manipulating and twisting things with potential.

Every encounter I have experienced has driven me to the directions in life I have taken. God only knows where my future will turn next. I know that I will always design and hope to continue volunteering to help those less fortunate.